Boy Wonders

I’m still kicking myself for missing Wednesday night’s Corey Feldman concert over in Santa Monica. Yes, I was as surprised as you that he’s not only still alive (congrats on beating the child star curse, Corey), but nurturing a musical career to boot. It’s good to see Corey still kicking, but I have to explain what led me to track down the whereabouts of Our Favorite Wisecracking Pre-Teen in the first place. Seems Corey’s not the only formerly employed actor to yearn for fame on the music stage. Anthony Michael Hall, the archetypically geeky star of “The Breakfast Club,” “Sixteen Candles,” and “Vacation,” has a song in his heart and delusions of a second round of grandeur. I listened to several of his “songs” and can only say that I wish him the best of luck getting back into acting.

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