Little Ricky

A “Rick” Schroder Q & A made me just a little nostalgic today. (I submitted a question asking when, exactly, he became “Rick.”) In retrospect it’s hard to believe I was able to stomach episode after nausea-inducing episode of “Silver Spoons” back in the early 80s. Even at that age I knew the show wasn’t cool. I also knew life-size posters of non-threatening boys like Ricky adorned the walls of all my female peers’ rooms, but I watched the show anyway. I watched every episode for one reason: Ricky had video games. In his house. He owned full-size stand-up video games and kept them in his house. I was jealously fascinated by the idea of it and to this day I long to put a Galaga in my living room. Nowadays they’re cheap, but I still don’t own one because the things weigh about 300 pounds and can’t be moved without a truck. There’s even a Galaga in the coin laundry next door to my place, but it’s not the same. I admit it. I want to be like Ricky.

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