We Missed You, Amy

Congrats to everyone’s favorite young jailbird, Amy Fisher. She’s just finished a 7-year stint in prison and presumably is studying bus schedules in preparation for her first unannounced visit to the now L.A.-based Buttafuocos. Reportedly Mary Jo and Amy have buried the hatchet, but Joey was hoping he wouldn’t see his Lolita in the flesh for another few years. TV viewers won’t have to wonder how they’ll solve the tiff, though, since agents for the three stooges are talking to network execs about a televised reunion. Yes, really. Of course it will be on FOX, but they have to ask the other networks out of courtesy. I’m guessing they’ll hire “Steve” from the Springer show to pretend to break up the more volatile moments, but at least we won’t have to sit through Jerry’s lecture at the end of this one.

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