Flag Day

I doubt I’m the only one dreading the networks’ new fall line-ups. Case in point: “The WB” (no, I don’t understand the naming convention, either) has only managed to dredge up a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer spin-off called “Angel” featuring the least interesting character in the ninja cheerleader’s menagerie of friends. Why not work up a vehicle for the red-headed dude from “Austin Powers” or Ms. Buff’s cuter brunette friend? I might even be inspired to get up off my chair and re-tune my antenna since The WB is mercifully fuzzy on my set without an aluminum foil flag on the west side. The pickings on the rest of the networks are no less abysmal, though, with the possible exception of FOX’s “Action.” Jay Mohr stars in a dark comedy about a mindless, pitiful Hollywood devoid of new ideas or talent. They’ll probably still figure out how to screw it up, but knowing this town they could write the show as a documentary and folks won’t know the difference.
Update: Naturally, FOX cancelled “Action.”

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