I Smell a Conspiracy

I haven’t been this incensed since Scott Baio’s new show got cancelled a couple years back. It seems FOX — dear, wonderful FOX, ever the reliable home of low-brow TV entertainment done right — has announced plans to eighty-six most of its reality-based programming come Fall season. World’s Wildest Police Chases? Gone. Busted On the Job? No more. Clearly, some sort of dark conspiracy is afoot at News Corp., and rest assured that your friend Joe will get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, though, take what comfort you can by enjoying the summer repeats and our own Reality TV site. I’ve even served up a couple of my own favorite clips to help you weather the storm. Take courage, dear readers. Reality TV will live on.

Update: The networks seem to have experienced a change of heart. Reality has had a welcome resurgence in the fall line-ups on FOX and the rest.

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