Meaningless Milestones Department

Now that Y2K bug hysteria has dwindled to a TV commercial punchline, we can all get down to the more serious business of endless top-100 countdowns and “Best [Insert Any Noun Here] Of the Millennium” shows. But while few folks seemed to mind that the millennium actually ends at the end of next year instead of 1999, the entertainment industry rags have started whispering their shameful little secret: People just don’t care all that much that 2000 is a round number. Promoters fell over themselves booking huge venues and big-ticket acts for millennium celebrations all over the world, but with less than a month to go, quite a few of them have been cancelled due to pitiful ticket sales. Seems that in spite of all the hype, most folks are planning to stay home rather than spend $500 bucks to sip champagne while some megastar lip-synchs on stage. The insiders theorize that folks are staying home because they’re scared of Y2K-spawned violence or blackouts, but Joe asked around and knows the dirty truth: Prince is on pay-per-view.

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